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Community Networking

Community Networking (individual or group) is a service that provides individualized day activities that support the individual’s definition of a meaningful day in an integrated community setting. A goal of this service is to be inclusive of individuals with disabilities within the community, therefore it is provided separate and apart from the home of the individual and that of the provider.

Some activities of Community Networking are:

  • participation in adult education programs

  • development of community-based time management skills

  • community based classes to develop hobbies or leisure and cultural interests

  • volunteer work

  • participation in associations and/or community groups

  • training and education in self-determination and self-advocacy

  • using public transportation

  • inclusion in a broad range of community settings that allow for increased community connections

  • assist children to participate in integrated day care/after school summer programs

  • transportation if the activity does not include staffing support and the destination is an integrated community setting

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