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Family Therapy

The model of family therapy used at Prolific is one where the "Entire Family" is the focus of treatment. So, no one individual is focused on during the sessions. This approach ensures that the family who is undergoing extreme distress and possibly malfunctioning as a result of an individual's behavior can receive support, healing and education in order to optimize each individual's well-being.

Sessions will include meeting with a licensed and trained family therapist who will guide you through the essential steps of recovering your family in the middle of the crisis. With the help of your therapist, each member of the family will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively

  • Improve personal functioning within the family system

  • Effectively diffuse highly charged emotional exchanges

  • Improve one's viewpoint of other family members

  • Negotiate to successfully get one's own needs met

  • Improve the overall functioning of the family as a whole so each individual can attend to his or her own roles in life like work, marriage, friendships, school and leisure activities.

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