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Multi-Family Group

In our experience, most families of children who are in therapy have also suffered immensely, right along with their child. And, while most parents want to help assist in the healing process, many parents are hesitant to enter therapy for fear of being blamed for their child’s behaviors. At Prolific, we have a different view.

We know that most parents want what’s best for their child, have been doing the best that they can and are willing to help their child in any way possible. Our Multi-Family group will help parents do just that.

Grounded in core skills, the Multi-family group experience helps parents take their love and good intentions for their child to a new level. By working as a whole team, Prolific's clinicians teach families how to learn skills together. Oftentimes, the results are phenomenal.

Prolific offers a multi-family skills group for families whose child or teen is in therapy. The group is six to seven months long and includes the following skills modules:

  • Mindfulness

  • Distress Tolerance

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Walking the Middle Path

The group is made up of up to ten families, which includes a child, and up to two parents or other significant adults.  We include parents and children in the same group for two main reasons:

  1. It is very difficult for one person in a family to change his or her behavior if everyone else stays the same.  The best chance for meaningful change comes from parents and children learning new skills at the same time.

  2. By the time a family is considering therapy, the child has very often been involved in a lot of therapy, and can become resentful that he or she is the only one who is expected to change.  Having the whole family involved is an acknowledgment that the whole family contributes to the problem and therefore, must be part of the solution.

If you are interested in getting more information about joining group, call or email Prolific to schedule to see if skills group is a good fit for your family’s needs. Email us at

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