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Outpatient Intake 

There are 6 Steps in Prolific's Intake Process:

  1. Meet & Greet

  2. Verification of Benefits

  3. Completion of Online Intake Paperwork

  4. Intake Part 1

  5. Online Compass Assessment Battery

  6. Intake Part 2

1) A Meet & Greet is a consultation meeting with Prolific's Intake Coordinator, it includes a tour of the clinic and a 30 minute sit down meeting to discuss program details and your child's treatment needs. An initial Skills Deficit Screening Survey is completed prior to this meeting through your patient portal and the results of this screening are discussed with you and your child at this time.

2) Once you and your family have decided to move forward with treatment at Prolific, you will call and speak with your Intake Coordinator to complete a Verification of Benefits. This Verification of Benefits will allow you to understand whether an In-Network authorization is possible and what your deductible and co-insurance out-of-pocket expenses will be. Once share-of-cost disclosures are approved, an intake date will be set.

3) Intake starts with the completion of online intake paperwork through your secure patient portal. The intake paperwork packet includes 10 forms and all forms need to be signed. These forms include:

  • Prolific's Intake Questionnaire

  • Emergency Contact Form

  • Prolific's Informed Consent

  • Video Recording Consent (for research protocol adherence coding, quality assurance and training purposes)

  • Assignment of Insurance Benefit

  • Credit Card Authorization Form

  • Arbitration Agreement

  • Receipt of HIPAA Privacy Practices

  • Releases of Information (ROIs): please fill out a separate ROI for each of the following: your child's psychiatrist, your child's previous therapists, and any mental health programs (inpatient, partial/ IOP, or residential) that your child as attended.

4) Intake Part 1: Both parents/guardians and patient are required to attend the first intake appointment. It is a 1-2 hour meeting during which presenting problem/current symptoms and goals for treatment are discussed, a diagnostic evaluation, safety assessment, and target behavior screening are conducted, and pt and parents are given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the  program.

5) Prolific's Intake process involves a comprehensive assessment that incorporates a standardized battery of psychological assessments that enable  to track treatment outcomes. The assessment can be completed at home or at Prolific and takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours and must be completed prior to the Intake Part 2 appointment.

6) Intake Part 2: Final 2-hour evaluation session; both parents/guardians and patient are required to be present, although the intake coordinator meets individually with both parents and patient one on one during this meeting. Family, social, biological, and medical history are assessed, and additional details about active target behaviors (e.g., frequency, severity) are obtained. The treatment plan is finalized and signed. The assigned group and individual therapist are confirmed. Upon completion of this step, the patient is ready to begin pre-treatment (i.e., orientation to the program during which commitment is strengthened and specific behavioral treatment goals are set) with their individual therapist.

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